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>> The birth data can be saved to Cookie.
           Click the "SAVE" button after fulfilling the setting form to save the birth data.
           Click the "LOAD" button to load the saved data from Cookie.

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Birthday Year / Month / Day Y M D
Calendar [The Gregorian calendar is used now]
Birth Time :    From 0:0 to 23:59
UTC / GMT Offset
The World Clock The World Clock-Time Zones
House System
  The value of longitude is always required when you choose "LMT" in UTC/GMT Offset.
Birth Place [ Longitude ] deg min [= long. of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo]
Birth Place [ Latitude ]   deg min [= lat. of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo]
Long. & Lat. information

The Data Collector's Handbook
: Researching Pre-Modern Birth Data

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